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Feb 18, 2015

My Mood, my Acro day with Kadek Pradnya (Gokul Yoga Bali)

Its been fortunate friendship we have! Since i met Made 7 years ago, he shows me how talented he is in many ways. Especially in Yoga, Massage & Phography which blend his soul born as A Balinesse.

My first Acro Yoga is i did with him. His compasion and patient guide me thru confident flying on the air with his support. Without him, I would not be ready to start my Acro Yoga.
My regards

here is the picture:
Model Pradnya and Me (live)
Photo by: Wirayasa Photography

Feb 9, 2015

Tantra Healing Yoga, a Testimony by: Anne

A Testimonial by: Anne (France)
Model: Anne
Photo: Wirayasa Photography
Venue: Sanur

I had never heard of Tantra Healing Yoga before I met Made. Yoga healing is a deep relaxation moment you have to try absolutely. A mix of breathing, meditation and perfeclty guided movements to heal body, mind and soul. It's the first time I really feel the energies flowing in my body, it was just amazing and so relaxing. I have to say this is not just about healing  massage, this is also about Pak Made being such a talented man. I feel gratefull to met him, an happy, smily, and inspiring man. Thank you Pak Made !

Jan 25, 2015

How should people conduct themselves. in the world?

By: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Book: Namah Shiva'ya Sha'nta'ya

How should people conduct themselves. in the world? The only aim of life is spiritual practice--the realisation of the Supreme. But the body, composed of the five fundamental factors, and the mind, which is related to this body, are in this physical world. So spiritual practice can- not be sustained by ignoring this physical world. People will have to conduct their lives in such a way that their mundane duties are properly discharged without disturbing their spiritual practice, which is the primary goal of life. Thus people will have to continue their spiritual practice as the primary mission in life, and at the same time fulfil their worldly responsibilities, considering them to be allotted by God.

But human psychology is such that after performing worldly duties for a while, people deviate from the main goal of life, sometimes so far that they tend to look upon their worldly duties only as a means of self-aggrandisement. This is the moment of their downfall--the black curtain of total annihilation falls on their lives.

Then what is the solution? On ordinary days people continue their spiritual practice as their mission in life and at the same time discharge their worldly duties considering them to be allotted by God. But on certain special days (the days should be fixed according to the almanac lest people forget them), people should give greater importance to spiritual practice than to mundane responsibilities; that is, their time and energy during those few days should be devoted more to spiritual practice than to worldly activities. These fixed days are called upava'sa* or fasting days, since during these days people, keeping their minds engaged in spiritual matters, "live closer" to God, and any possibility of mental degradation is averted.

A Testimony by: Sofie (Austria) 
"Made is a really fantastic yoga teacher with a holistic understanding to connect body and soul... I enjoyed his lesson so much in parallel I've learned a lot of new yoga postures. I can warmly recommend practicing yoga with him." 
Best: Sofie  

More pic here:!sophie/cozx

Jan 15, 2015

Private Prenatal Yoga at Villa, Ungasan-Bali

Teacher: Yuni

Recently I teach many prenatal yoga classes. It's always amazing to do yoga with a mother to be. So much love and positive feeling. Sometimes it just make me remember my pregnancy long  time ago. No wonder some of my fellows said, teaching yoga for pregnancy makes you want to be pregnant again. LOL

Few days ago, I had prenatal yoga class with 2 georgeous ladies. They're sisters and pregnant at the same time (without any appoinment before :))
The other day I had a prenatal class with 4 ladies, but only one whose pregnant. It's quite interesting, because they're all young and sporty. What can I do? I was really grateful that I have known Yin yoga. Finally I just mix my prenatal yoga class with the yin yoga. And, guest what, they're enjoy with the class. And asked for more lesson :))

I just felt a little worried before the class, because prenatal and yin yoga sometimes looks like "a boring" session for young people. But I've proven it's wrong. It gave me a lesson, never underestimate young people for their "capacity" to do "a slow down" yoga session :)

Dec 28, 2014

Caryn's Healing Journey with Pak Agung (testimonial)

Written by: Caryn B.
Photograph by: Wirayasa Photography
Location: Pak Agung's House, Mambal-Bali

     It’s not often you meet someone and form an instant bond, as if both hearts beat to the same rhythm, both souls flowing with the same connection. I was blessed to meet not only one person along my Bali adventure, but three! My most soulful connection was with a gentleman by the name of Pak Agung. His smile was infectious from the minute we met, a kind man with gentle eyes and a warm smile, it was impossible not to feel completely at peace beside him. My first Yoga teacher in Bali, Made Agus, introduced Pak Agung and I during my second week there. He performs reflexology in a way I have never experienced. Made had warned me it would be painful, but nothing could deter me from the healing journey I was on. We met at Pak Agung’s house in Ubud, sitting on his terrace shaded from the humid and scorching sunshine, we enjoyed tea together while he explained the session ahead. Made was not lying when he had warned me how much it hurt, first using his fingers he then moved on to using a small wooden instrument to poke and prod different areas of my feet, it hurt like crazy and had me wriggling about and shouting in pain, it’s funny how when you experience pain by choice you can’t help but laugh, I laughed a lot during my effort to keep still during the session. He told me many things about my body that he felt through the different areas on my feet, very interesting and insightful he suggested changes to make in my lifestyle and diet and also pointed out problems with my body that of course he would have no idea about, such as my terrible sinus which has been a problem I have had for as long as I can remember! After the session I felt incredible, the pain is only temporary and you have to focus your mind to push through thus pushing out all thoughts in your mind, it was amazing and truly left me on a real high. I don’t think I have ever felt happiness pulse through my body as it did that first day. Pak Agung suggested 3 sessions in total throughout my stay in Bali, and after we had chatted more about life and the session just had we took a polaroid photo together, one for each of us, it made him really happy, the light in his eyes in undeniable that he is a very happy man. I saw Pak Agung again a few days later. Fighting a few internal battles of my own that day I found it harder to concentrate. It hurt much more than the first time, a completely different kind of pain, deeper, as if it was pushing into the battle I was fighting within, it dug deep into my emotional side. He picked up on it immediately, he told me my thoughts were in the way and I needed to really focus on the pain and my breathing to get all thoughts out of my mind. I managed to do so and with each push on the different points of my feet I felt myself ridding my thoughts of all negativity. I managed to endure some very deep pain that surprised him, it goes to show the strength of the mind over your body. This session he told me I would carry children well, this of course made me very happy inside as it would for any lady, being a mother is something very important to me. After our second session together we had more tea and he did a water blessing on me, I felt so special. Having seen quite a lot of these water blessings performed on others during prayers, ceremonies and dances it made a connection within me that is difficult to explain, he has restored my faith in God, and for that I am forever grateful. One last Polaroid together again meant the ending of another wonderful session. My third and final session drew near as did my time spent in Ubud, Made collected me after breakfast and we drove out towards Pak Agungs house, stopping at flower fields along the way to admire the beauty that is Ubud, between flowers that are cut and used for offerings it can only bring a sense of peace and calm to anyone. Tea and chats unfolded after we arrived at Pak Agungs house for the last session, this time about life, religion and reincarnation. Coming to Bali had sparked my inner spirituality, making it spread like wildfire throughout my body and mind. I feel inner peace and the comfort of God beside me. After chatting for a while we began our last session. Once again a completely different kind of pain, it does make sense that your body responds to how it feels at the time, what may be wrong with you both physically and emotionally. Still a deep pain this time, at some points actually making me feel physically sick. I believe that any response, good or bad, means that it is working it’s magic on your body and mind. Afterwards I felt completely calm and wiped free of all negativities. Another water blessing was had and he gave me a Rudraksha bead bracelet, known for its healing properties the vibrations of the beads create a positive energy within your body. So special, I feel very connected with this man. We took our last pair of Polaroid photos together and I also got to take pictures with his mother, a beautiful woman. No words can express how thankful I am for my three amazing sessions with a man I will definitely meet again when I return to Bali, suksma Pak Agung, you changed my thoughts, my mind, and my heart, you taught me to channel my negative energy out of my mind and my body, and how to fill myself with positivity and keep it within. You shone into my soul and opened my eyes to my faith. I wish that everyone could get to experience the journey I did with him, imagine three sessions could change your life…believe it, it changed mine.

please visit this link to see more pic in this event:
and this for other awesome one:!caryns-healing-session/c1bs1

Nov 17, 2014

He who illumines the external world, illumines all the stars and planets also

from book:
Namah Shiva'ya Sha'nta'ya, 205 by: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Photo: Wirayasa
Photograph by: Ngurah Darma Putra
Venue: Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa.

     He who illumines the external world, illumines all the stars and planets also. Besides Parama Purus'a, no other entity has light of its own. The light of all other entities is the mere reflection of His effulgence. Compared to that supreme source of effulgence, even the sun is enveloped in darkness--the shining face of the moon is covered with a black veil--the flashes of lightning are lost in the blinding darkness--what to speak of the glow of fire! All are lighted with His light; with His Radiance, all others are radiant, and in His effulgence all others become blessed. To this Supreme Entity, this Parama Purus'a, no one is negligible, no one is abominable. He is the focal point of all existence--He is the most resplendent entity in all. To make His dear children dance in joy and overflowing delight, He plays hide-and-seek with His little children.

One need not run about in the world to find Him who is contained within the jewel-case of one's existential feeling. One can easily attain Him if only one searches within. To forget the brightest jewel of the inner world and then vainly search for the source of light in the outer world -- this is indeed a waste of time! Shiva says, Why should people waste their time in this way? Why should people throw the food from their hands and then beg for alms from door to door? His advice is: Proceed towards the inner world.. .deeper... still deeper... and still deeper.

Nov 14, 2014

Be a success person by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Photo: Rere
Venue: Tegalwangi beach, Bali
Photograph: WP

Each and every person--whatever his or her status of life, whatever his or her psychic or spiritual status-each and every human being wants success in life. Whenever you are doing something, success is not in your hands. Success comes as a reaction. When the original action is good, the reaction is also good, and that reaction is the success. For a spiritual person, for a spiritual aspirant, for a good soul who renders service to the society, the service it self is the prize. He or she wants no other prize, no other success.
Suppose, a man is dying. You are nursing and helping him, and finally he is cured. This cure is the prize. You require no other better prize.

Oct 26, 2014

Prenatal Yin Yang Yoga

Teacher: Yuni
Venue: Fivelements Healing Center Mambal, Bali
Teacher: Yuni
Visit more pics in this event by click HERE

By: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

      There are three fundamental strata in the manifest universe: physical, metaphysical and causal. Over and above, there is one transcendental sphere. Such are the three strata in the human entity, too: crude, subtle and causal. And there is one reflected consciousness besides. There is no question of any develop ment in the conscious sphere because `Atman' is a non-attributed transcendental entity. Where there is imperfection and imperma nence, there lies the scope for development. The movement from imperfection towards perfection is called progress. There cannot be any development in the transcendental sphere, which is perfect and eternal, though there is full scope for it in the psychic world. The crude body is made up of five rudimental factors, which are nothing but the crude manifestation of Macrocosm. These fundamental factors are the constituent parts of the physical bodies of all created beings.

The One who is the origin of all beings is the Supreme Entity. The Supreme Entity belongs to all, equally. To get protection and to enjoy the manifested universe of the Supreme Entity is the birthright of each and every being. Nobody has any right to accumulate excessive wealth. To accumulate and desire more mundane property is a crime against society and a sin against God. It is a highly immoral and anti-social action. To fight such vested interests and to wage a war against such antisocial activities is upright and sacramental.

The physical body is imperfect and impermanent because it is under the bondage of time, space and person. Human beings have an incessant and indomitable desire to liberate themselves from the bondage of relativity. If there were no such longing, there would be no intellectual development. Those who are struggling hard all the time for physical existence get little time for mental development. The problem of bread and butter will stagger the development of mind. The guarantee of equal opportunity and minimum requirements of life to all is an essentiality for the well-integrated elevation and evolution of the human personality.

The physical body cannot attain liberation from the triple bondages of time, space and person. There are and will be rela tive variations in the degree of bondage from individual to individual, but whatever be the ration of variations, each person will have to fight ceaselessly for their intellectual progress. Otherwise, there will be no mental growth. Struggle is the essence of life and inaction is death. Avoidance of struggle is hypocrisy.

Baser elements and vested interests that do not like to see a free and prosperous humanity, invent and advocate different kinds of `isms' to suck and exploit the ignorant masses under the guise of lifeless dogmas. In the name of `isms' they sow the seeds of dissension and fissiparous tendencies in the society to perpetuate their exploiting machinery. human society is one and indivisible. There is no fundamental difference between one human being and another. All derive the viral juice and the life force from one and the same source. Hence talk of dissension and differentiation is against humanity.

In the Macrocosmic entity, the subtler world is above the cruder one. The same occurs in the microcosmic entity. Human beings should chain themselves to the oar for their intellectual progress. Otherwise the mind will run after crude physicalities. Due to this crude thinking or the constant superimposition of crude waves, mind will be converted into matter. Mind cannot remain stagnant. hence everyone must contemplate higher and subtler phenomena or should take the ideation of the Cosmic Self.

The crude and the subtle mental bodies are part of the psychic body of Parama'tman. hence we cannot ignore anyone. As everybody has equal rights of proper utilization of mundane potentialities for the maintenance of their physical existence, likewise everyone must be given equal opportunities for their mental progress. Inferiority complex is a kind of mental ailment. There are so many persons who think themselves inferior and useless due to poverty, lack of education and social injus tice. Virtuous people and the well-wishers of society will have to arrange proper treatment for these ailing individuals and suffering humanity. But it is a matter of great regret that the so-called religious leaders have been fostering such complexes from time immemorial. By propagating different kinds of `isms' they have been exploiting the common mass. If the supporters of such fissiparous principles in the physical spheres are satans, then the advocates of such harmful theories in the intellectual sphere are polished satans. Mental development is not possible without constant endeavour to liberate oneself from physical bondage, and likewise, if there is no pauseless effort for intel lectual emancipation, there will be no progress in the causal world. Intellectual pursuit is essential for intuitional devel opment, though intellectual pursuit can bring about only a tempo ral emancipation.

Every movement is pulsative, both in the physical and intel lectual spheres. Ordinarily this is not perceptible in the physical sphere. pulsation means the combination of pause and speed. Where the stage of pause is experienced in the intellec tual sphere, this pause is what we call intellectual liberation. The stage of mind when it becomes free from doubts and problems for a while is the state of pause or intellectual liberation. Psychic force created due to clashes in the intellectual sphere strikes the causal mind and powders it down. This finally re sults in the conversion of the causal mind into consciousness (self). The intuitional faculty which emerges due to clashes in the intellectual sphere converts the mind into consciousness. But intellectual pursuits must not be directed towards physicalities. The mental river can flow in both directions: crude and subtle. If the mental current flows towards subtlety it brings about emancipation, and if the same is directed towards crudity, it tightens the knot of bondage. Wise, educated and intelligent people will chose the path of truth and immortality, and educated fools will move along the road of crudeness and darkness.

The renaissance movement aims for an enlightenment and a resuscitation of subtler and higher thinking in human beings. I want that every person should be guaranteed the minimum physical requirements of life, every person should get scope for the full exploitation of psychic potentiality, every person should get equal opportunity to attain absolute truth, and endowed with all the glories and achievements of the world, every person should march towards the Absolute. In and through this movement human beings should be made conscious of the purpose and meaning of life.

Oct 2, 2014

Yoga at Villa Jagaditha

Teacher: Yuni
Photograph by: Wirayasa Photography
Find more photo in this event on Yinyogaworld on Facebook

You have no right to hate even a single living creature. The best you can do is only to serve. Remember, you are to serve bearing in mind that every creature is verily the living manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness. Remember also that the credit of service is not yours; it is due to the Supreme and the Supreme alone, whose ideation has inspired you to acquire the capability of rendering service.

A'nanda Vanii by: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


Sep 17, 2014

Private yoga session at Bvlgari Hotel, Bali

Teacher: Yuni

One can attain freedom only spiritually, for freedom lies in the mind. One cannot attain freedom with the help of sword or pen or muscle. That is why I have said previously, and I repeat, that human beings have no reason to worry about hydrogen bombs. A hydrogen bomb is only a mechanical device made by humans. One day, in the course of time, it will also be destroyed -- its present importance, its current horror, will all vanish into nothingness. The same human intellect which in vented these bombs will one day, in the natural course of events, invent a deterrent force against them.

Yes, it is true that all weapons can destroy a certain number of people -- some kill one hundred, some one thousand, some one hundred thousand. This is how the lethal capacity of a weapon, is determined. But however terrible a weapon might be, one day all its might will vanish into the void. There was a time when human beings were frightened by bows and arrows; today's humans, when they hear of battles with bows and arrows, simply laugh. This shows that however great might be the strength of weapons in a war of any age, or however powerful their controllers might be, their grip will one day be loosened, and the structure will decay into dust -- just as the plaster on the wall gradually crumbles into the ground.

In the past, hundreds of philosophies emerged on this earth; these philosophical treatises developed the psychic structures of human beings and became the fountain head of human thought; even if they tried, people could not avoid the influence of those philosophical ideas. Whatever they might say or write, their thoughts always hovered around those ideas that were so deeply implanted in their minds. Thus those who seek to provide a lasting philosophy to society will have to shoulder a great responsibility: to be successful, they must combine a profound knowledge of philosophy with deep sense of responsibility and an unblemished love for humanity.

(Namah Shiva'ya Sha'nta'ya, 160)

Aug 26, 2014

Yoga menumbuhkan kebaikan, kebersamaan dalam cinta kasih Universal.

Dari hari kehari yoga semakin mendapat tempat di hati kita. Ada yang bilang bahwa era persaingan dibidang ideologi sudah menurun dan kemudian tergantikan dengan era kebersamaan. Di dalam yoga ada istilah namanya Satsaunga atau berkumpul untuk tujuan yang sama yaitu kebaikan dalam satu ideologi universal yaitu yang dikenal dengan "cinta". Dalam konteks ini biasanya orang tidak lagi memandang orang dari segi perbedaan atau SARA. Boleh saja kita berbeda karena itulah keunikan kita, apalagi di Indonesia yang sangat heterogen, apakah kita akan membuat masalah baru dengan mempermasalahkan perbedaan? Hidup rasanya sudah sangat dipenuhi oleh masalah, jangan lagi menambah masalah baru. Rupanya para pecinta yoga faham dengan hal ini. Perbedaan adalah alami dan menghargai perbedaan itu sendiri merupakan wujud penghargaan kita kepada Sang Pencipta, yang tentunya memiliki salah satu sifatnya, Maha Kreatif. Dengan cara ini kita bisa lebih mengarahkan perhatian kita kepada pengembangan diri. Ini mencakup pula melatih fisik dengan pose yoga, melatih mental dengan keseimbangan pengaturan energi prana dan juga melatih pikiran dan intuisi dengan meditasi. Semua ini bisa dikems dalam sekali sesi latihan yang berdurasi kira-kira 1,5 jam. Inilah alasannya kenapa yoga sangat efektif untuk membina kesehatan fisik, mental dan spiritual. Utamanya bagi orang yang sangat sibuk, maka yoga merupakan prioritas untuk tetap menjaga kesehatan dan kebugaran. Hasil dari yoga seringkali bisa dirasakan seperti; keseimbangan posture/ badan, menambah rasa percaya diri, kebugaran, keceriaan dan kebahagiaan. Dengan berlatih yoga dengan benar perlahan namun pasti akan mampu meruntuhkan dinding "Ego" kita dan kemudian membaliknya menjadi kebaikan dan kebahagiaan. Bisa juga disimpulkan bahwa kesuksesan yoga adalah menjadikan praktisinya lebih toleransi, baik, bahagia dan kesehariannya dipenuhi oleh cinta kasih. Bukankah itu yang kita cari? Selamat berlatih.

Jul 5, 2014

Yoga @ Westin Nusa Dua-Bali

Teacher: Yuni
Event: Yoga for staff hotel

Terima kasih kami ucapkan kepada segenap staff Westin Hotel Nusa Dua atas partisipasinya yang penuh semangat mengikuti kegiatan yoga rutin mingguan. Ayo teruslah berlatih yoga, sampai ketemu minggu depan ya... Namaskar.

Please visit this link: YinYogaWorld to see more picture in this event. Thank you.

Jun 24, 2014

Yoga Photo-shoot @Tegalwangi Beach, Bali

The ideal of an artist is to be established in a transcendent realm, beyond the limits of the senses.  So the artists, or more precisely, the worshippers of fine arts, have to be spiritual aspirants.  Only those who look upon everything of the world as Spirit can realize in everything a subtle, blissful, Transcendental Entity.  The greater the artists' understanding of their kinship with God, the greater their art.  Those who possess a creative faculty yet do not seek the subtle Transcendental Entity, cannot create a worthy or successful work of art.
Abhimata, The Opinion #Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

Model: Fitri Photograph: WirayasaPhotography (see more picture here)

Jun 18, 2014

Yoga Group at The Vira Bali, Kuta- Bali

When an infant starts walking, the parent first guides him to walk a little.  
He tries to walk but falls.  
Then the parent advances and lifts him up in his lap.  
So also, God.  
Make the slightest efforts and He will pick you up and place you in His lap. 
#"God is With You" by: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Teacher:Yuni Style:Yin Flow Yoga Level:Beginner
Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui bahwa di Indonesia waktu terbagi menjadi 3 yaitu WIB,WITA dan WIT. Terkadang ini cukup membingungkan kalau kita traveling. Perbedaan waktu 1 sampai 2 jam akan berpengaruh besar pada kelas yoga terutama yang dilakukan di pagi hari. Tapi ya itulah tantangannya bangun pagi selalu terasa susah ya. Okey, kelas yoga yang kita adakan kemarin lalu di The Vira Bali Hotel sedikit telat tapi syukurnya kami tidak ada kelas lain lagi setelah itu, rapopo. Yang menarik adalah semua peserta wanita memakai Jilbab, itu berarti bisa disimpulkan adalah penganut muslim yang taat. Kalau kita hubungkan yoga dengan filosofi Hindu, maka timbul pertanyaan, kenapa mereka mau memilih kegiatan yoga? Kenyataan telah mengajarkan bahwa yoga bukanlah agama, namun lebih kepada filosofi kehidupan dan cinta kasih universal. Yoga mampu menjembatani kebaikan antar semua agama dan keyakinan. Secara pribadi saya sudah mengerti ini, namun saya cukup bangga ternyata masyarakat sudah menerima yoga seperti apa adanya, tanpa prasangka dan pemikiran-pemikiran negatif. Ayo beryoga, sehatkan jiwa dan raga. Satu hal yang menarik, biasanya kita banyak memakai lagu2 sankrta (India) saat kelas yoga berlangsung, namun spontan saja kami menggantinya dengan lagu yang lebih modern, sehingga harapan kami semoga kelasnya lebih khusyuk. Tidak ada bermaksud apa-apa, namun kami hanya ingin memberikan tingkat kenyamana yang lebih saat berlatih yoga, dan tentunya selain itu karena kami bertoleransi. Smoga kelasnya suka ya... Namaskar.
cek foto-foto lainnya di link ini

Jun 8, 2014

Private Yoga in south bali, Kedonganan.

The sentiment that grows out of love for the indigenous soil of a country is called geo-sentiment. From this geo-sentiment, many other sentiments emerge, such as geo-patriotism, geo-economics, geo-religion, etc. This geo-sentiment attempts to keep humanity confined within a limited part of this world. But the innermost desire of people is to expand themselves maximally in all directions. If a materialistic philosophy contains any narrowness, like this geo-sentiment, an imbalance is bound to occur between the inner and outer worlds; and psycho-physical imbalance will be inevitable. This is why, in spite of possessing everything, people will remain poor and deprived. In the past this geo-sentiment has caused enormous harm to many individuals and communities of people. Intelligent people must keep themselves aloof from this geo-sentiment and support nothing which is based on it, because it pollutes the devotional sentiment; it degrades human beings and undermines human excellence. 
#The Liberation of Intellect, Neo-Humanism, 4 By:Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Private Yoga session at Jimbaran, Bali
Teacher: Made
Find more awesome photos for  this yoga session on my
facebook page: baliyogateacher

May 23, 2014

Yoga group at Chocolate Villa, Seminyak-Bali

Teacher: Yuni
Assistant, photographer, driver: Made :D

The union of a spiritual aspirant with the Supreme Consciousness has been expressed with an excellent example.  A river, giving up its name and identity, completely merges in the sea and thereafter cannot maintain its own existence except as the sea.  Similarly, a spiritual aspirant, after merging himself in the Supreme Consciousness, can no longer think of himself except as the Supreme.  Seeing the Ganges River, we can tell that is the water of the Ganges.  We can tell the water of the Yamuna River, or the water of the Sarasvati River; but once they merge in the sea, we cannot separate them, nor can we distinguish the one from the other.  Nevertheless they are all there.  They all have lost their respective name-entities in the entity of the sea. #Shrii Shrii Anandamurti(Subha's'ita Sam'graha II,60). please visit to see more picture. Namaste.

Meskipun saya adalah orang Bali, orang yang lahir di Bali namun lucunya saya sering tersesat saat mencari alamat villa di Bali. Banyaknya Villa bertebaran sampai ke Gang-gang kecil sering membuat frustrasi. Terutama saat mencari alamat villa di daerah Kuta, Seminyak, Legian. Arghhhh... minta ampun deh. Tolong ya, bagi teman2 pecinta yoga kalau mau yoga sama kita, pilih Villa yang gampang dicari, alamatnya jelas dan pastikan signal telpon bagus :P selamat beryoga... 

Apr 14, 2014

Man and His God

The devotee says, "Oh, my Lord, I love you because in loving You, I get pleasure.  I want nothing from You.  I want to love You because I get pleasure."  But this is not the highest form of devotion.  In the highest form of devotion, the devotee says, "Oh Lord, I love You.  I want to love You.  And why do I want to love You?  Because I want that my love should give You pleasure.  I don't want any pleasure.  I love you not to get pleasure, but to give You pleasure."  And by means of this type of devotion, the Yogi comes in closest contact with the Supreme Self and becomes one with Him.  When one's love is to give pleasure to the Lord and not to enjoy the pleasure for oneself, one's mind gets metamorphosed into the mind of the Lord.  By this devotion, the Yogi gets established into the stance of Supreme Beatitude.  The person and his God become One.
  "Man and His God" by: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)

Mar 30, 2014

Pullman Bali Sunset Yoga March 26, 2014

Teacher: Yuni
Pantai Kuta, Bali hampir selalu sukses menarik wisatawan mancanegara untuk berkunjung kesana. Kalau kita jalan-jalan di pantainya, bagi saya yang penduduk asli Bali, terkadang terlintas di pikiran bahwa kita tidak berada di Bali, saking banyaknya hal-hal yang berbau " Internasional" Cukup banyak perbedaan kalau saya flashback 25 tahun yl saat saya masih duduk di bangku SMA. Namun satu yang masih serupa, eksotismenya. Sunset, surfing, dan satu lagi...Yoga. Yoga bersama group meeting Pertamina di Pullman Bali cukup seru dan lucu juga. Nah yang lucunya, beberapa peserta yoga masih memakai seragam kantor/meeting alias baju kerja. Untuk persiapan dari pihak Pullman, saya rasa bagus, ada panggung, ada sound sistem, matras cukup banyak, dan yang terpenting staffnya ramah. hanya saja tamu/peserta yoga yang hadir masih belum ontime. 
silahkan cek foto2 nya di link ini: Yoga photos at Pullman Bali 

Mar 27, 2014

Heavenly Spa By Westin, World Luxury Spa Award

We are proud to share that we have won the award for 'Best Luxury Wellness Spa' by 2014 World Luxury Spa Awards. We thank you for your great support!
we proud to be part of your Spa Wellness team.

Mar 24, 2014

Bali Spirit Festival 2014, Ubud-Indonesia with FRIENDS

Sepertinya para pemirsa sekalian yang merasa demen dan jatuh cinta sama yoga dan Bali, sudah tidak asing lagi dengan event ini ya. Event tahunan ini banyak menjadi pembicaraan, tentunya karena ada sajian menu khas yang lagi trend di Bali dan juga di mancanegara yaitu Yoga, Dance, Music. Selain menjadi ajang untuk pamer, tentunya pamer yang cukup positif lah misalnya pamer yoga pose, pamer matras yoga yang unik (#mahal??), pamer Tattoo, pamer mode rambut yang aneh huh..., atau juga pamer mode baju yang boleh dibilang cukup syuuur... karena sesungguhnya mereka lebih pamer kulit, soalnya bajunya ala kadarnya saja hmmm... syukur deh di Bali, bukan di Aceh:D tapi aku suka. Tapi ngomong-ngomong, sebagai praktisi yoga hendaknya kita tidak membicarakan sesuatu dari segi negatifnya doang ya hehehe... tetep menurut saya Bali Spirit Fest membawa nuansa yang berbeda, penuh dengan hal inovatif, juga boleh dikatakan wadah bagi kita untuk menyatu tanpa sekat SARA, ajang kumpul bagi pecinta yoga, dari yang berotot, badan kayak karet, ataupun yang masih gendut hihihi tetep PD aja ngumpul disono. Khususnya yang yoga produk lokal (termasuk saya tentunya) kita kesana bukannya untuk yoga ya, maaf saja,,, tapi hanya buat narsis2 aja, lihat suasana baru dan lihat yang bening2 wow... ups. Kita kesana bersama rombongan rempong dari Jimbaran, Mariani, Yuni, Echa, Yamahanu, Dentia, Vinz,, Bu Eci, Pak Iwan, Komang Sudana, Avanti Maxi, Isa Lu, Dewi Sukamembah, Pradnya, Luh Manis, siapa lagi ya..oh ya termasuk saya sendiri heheh Made (#maaf lupa). Intinya kita kesana adalah mencari kebahagiaan, ketemu teman2 tercinta dan saling ngobrol santai. smoga kita bisa sering2 kumpul ya.... see you! silahkan cek foto2 nya di link ini (visit this link for another awesome pic):